Promotional bracelet

We don’t only have an apartment at our home, but we also run a family business and this is a camping place in Bovec, Camp Vodenca. As we said before we are really into tourism and we love our jobs. That is why we want you to be as comfortable as you can be, not only at the apartment but also at the camping place. We try to make things easier for you and help you enjoy your holidays..

This is how we got an idea to create a promotional bracelet. Not only it is a souvenir for you to take home, but it also gets you discounts in Bovec and the area. Showing our bracelet will get you discounts in the restaurants, bars, shops and other places that we have an agreement with. So exclusively guests of Soča Home Bovec and Camp Vodenca have discounts when they show this bracelet. We only chose charming places, well organised, full of character or in words of old Tina, SIMPLY THE BEST!

All the companies we use, visit and are satisfied with all the time, so this is why we trust them and have no problem recommending them!

Promotional bracelet Soča Home Bovec

Here is the list of places you can get a discount for now, but we are adding them all the time.


We really don’t want you to be thirsty or hungry, so we decided to put food and drinks first. Once you handle this, then you can start discovering the Soča Valley.

  • GOSTIŠČE HEDVIKA – this is a local restaurant, located in a little village called Kal – Koritnica. We really adore this place, because the food is simply to die for and the views are just plain amazing. You should definitely try out some local things such as Soča Trout, cooked potatoes with fresh sheep cheese, jota, frika, bovški krafi and so on. What this things are is a whole another story. But for sure it is a must thing to do! Our promotional bracelet will get you 10% discount. Make sure to show the bracelet before you get the bill!
  • GOSTILNA SOVDAT  – also a local restaurant, located in the centre of Bovec. It has a little garden at the back of the restaurant, away from the hustle and bustle of the centre commotion. They offer really good lamb and steaks, but their specialities are also hamburgers. We are sure you will love the place! Our promotional bracelet will get you 10% discount. Make sure to show the bracelet before you get the bill!
  • FELIX PUB – Felix is a cute pub just a few steps from Bovec centre. It will offer you nice breakfast on a lovely decorated terrace and very tasty coffee. Our promotional bracelet will get you 5% discount on breakfast. Make sure to show the bracelet before you get the bill!
  • SLAŠČIČARNA TRIGLAV – very nice family run pastry shop. They make cakes and ice-cream for the sweet toothers. But now they expended their business to kebab and burgers. If you just need something fast to grab to eat, than this would be the way to go. Our promotional bracelet will get you 5% discount on kebab and burgers. Make sure to show the bracelet before you get the bill!
  • THIRSTY RIVER BREWING –  I saved the best for the last. This is a true hidden gem of Bovec. This is a local brewery, owned by a local girl Ana and her husband Chad. They really make wonderful beer and you just have to try one, two or more. Since we are all beer lovers and Ana is our very good friend and neighbour, she would love to meet you and introduce you to her broad selection of beers that her husband Chad makes. So you just have to make a night out and have a cold one in the absolute centre of Bovec. We promise you, you won’t be sorry! Our promotional bracelet will get you 10% discount on Ana and Chad’s beer. Make sure to show the bracelet before you get the bill!


We are partners with many different sports agencies that offer different kinds of discounts for their activities. Anyhow, if you want to get the discounts for the activities you have to book them with us and we book them for you. But would love to introduce you to our partners and what you can do with them. All partner will give you a discount, depending on the activity.

  • BOVEC RAFTING TEAM –  they will turn crazy adrenaline sports into exciting adventures for beginners. The company is ran by Adis and his wife Katja, they are the masterminds behind this charming well oiled machine. Their company was one of the first rafting companies founded in Bovec. So that is why they just know what you guys need and they will make your trip comfortable and stress-less. Trips booked with them, will include super fun photos and videos with you being the star, of course. Which is a really nice memory to take home and treasure forever. And not only that, also to brag to your friends what a crazy thing you did on your vacation this summer! We will gladly book you a trip with them!
  • AKTIVNI PLANET –  I guess it isn’t hard to translate the name of this company… they are called Active Planet with a reason. This company was funded by professional rafting and kayak competitors. They really know what they are doing and they are doing it with passion. They will make you keep exploring and experience new and exciting activities. They won gold many times before in their competitor times for rafting and kayaking and they will make you feel like a champion too. So go with the champions!
  • POSESTVO BLATA – Blata estate just screams love, romance and passion. To me, it represents the most romantic activity in the valley. The owners of the estate have a romantic story as well. They meet because THE bosses of this estate… horses, of course! They are both horse lovers and I guess the horses made them fall in love as well. Anyhow, they do their job with a lot of love. You can see how good they treat this horses and they just can’t wait to take you around on their backs. You will enjoy the graceful ride alongside Soča river and take the time to breath in all the nature and beauty around you. Let the horses introduce you to a different side of the Soča Valley!
  • ALPE ŠPORT VANČAR – the owner of the company is Moc. He is the guy to do tandem paragliding with. He know the area like his own pocket and he lives to fly. He really wants you to experience the feeling of freedom in the sky and see Soča Valley in all its glory. He started introducing paragliding to tourist in 1989 and doing it pretty good since then. If you want to became a part of the flock, then you have to try tandem paragliding with Moc!


  • BOVŠKA UNIKATNICA – the translation of this name is Bovec unique handmade gifts / souvenirs shop. This would about sum it up. The owner of the shop is Tjaša. She is the crafty girl that creates all this beautiful things. You can buy there some magnets, postcards, unique gifts to take home and most of all, the store is filled with love and a lot of thoughts into details. We are 100% sure you will find something amazing for you or loved ones waiting on you at home. It is a really fun store to visit, but be prepared…I can guarantee you, you won’t be leaving empty handed! Our promotional bracelet will get you 10% discount on Tjaša’s lovely handmade souvenirs and gifts. Make sure to show the bracelet before you get the bill!
  • BOVŠKE ZGODBE – Bovec stories are run by a very knowledgeable girl Katja. She knows a lot about Bovec and it’s history. If you are not a person for adrenaline sports,  then you should meet up with Katja and let her introduce you to Bovec and all its reach history. Our promotional bracelet will get you 10% discount on Katja’s fun Bovec stories. Make sure to show the bracelet before you get the bill!
  • MASAŽE JERICA – If you do all of the things above or just half, you will be in a deep need of a massage. You will want to go to Jerica and let her release the pain in your body with her magical hands. She offers different kinds of massages, relaxing, sports, therapeutic, aromatic, foot and so on. I am sure she will perform a soothing massage and you will have a relaxing hour! Our promotional bracelet will get you 10% discount on Jerica’s magical massages. Make sure to show the bracelet before you get the bill!


This are all our partners, for now. We are adding them all the time and we are doing our best to add all of the finest, the best and the must try Bovec providers. This is how we will introduce you Bovec and Soča Valley in it’s best. We already know you will love it, but if we as a society who really wants you to enjoy your time here does its best…then we are the winners each time you will fell like you don’t want to leave just yet and keep on returning! As we are saying from the beginning, may all who enter as guests leave as friends! 🙂