Our story

Hi there,

First we would like to tell you, that we are so happy that you found our home page and that you are thinking of spending your vacation with us.

Let us tell you a little about us… We are Saša & Jure, a young couple who started our journey together 6 years ago. Saša is a business manager and Jure is a carpenter. With a help of our families we started to build our first home together.

Us 6 years ago
First winter together in Soča Home Bovec.

Our long term vision is to have 4 apartments to rent and our flat. We managed to finish 2 apartments till now. We rent one apartment and we live in the other one. The main thing we try to do with our home is to make you feel like at home. To make you feel comfortable and provide you with everything you need. We are especially attentive of little details in the apartment.

Bovec valley
Misty morning in Bovec valley. (Foto: Jože Flajs)

We try to show you Bovec and Soča valley in its best. We will make sure that you will fall in love with it as we did. We love to travel all around the world, but you know what they say: “There is nothing like home!”. We truly have the privilege to live in one of the most impressive places I have ever seen in my life. Each time we return from our travels we are amazed. We were born and raised in Soča valley. So when you see it every day you can easily take it for granted. But when we return home we are wowed each time over and over again.

Soča valley with Soča river
Soča valley (Foto by: Jože Flajs)

First thing you see when you drive to Bovec from any side of the valley are the mountains. They will leave you speechless while shining down on you in all their glory. Soča river, that created the whole valley and THE reason why Bovec and Soča valley is famous. Soča river is a river with a capital R. It has the emerald color that you will never forget. It is fresh and clean. Have you ever seen a river that you can just drink? No? Well Soča river is one of them. You can take your glass with you and have a glass of Soča.

In the end, we haven’t told you much about us, did we? Well the simplest way to put this is: “Soča valley is us and we are the Soča valley!” We are fully dedicated to this precious valley, so we are asking you to give us the chance to share our passion with you and let us be your host and guide of the Soča valley and Bovec.

Us in 2018
Us today, grown up and ready to host you. 🙂

Best wishes from Bovec,

Saša & Jure