Right now we can offer you one apartment full of character and fun details. We put a lot of thought in what we can offer our guests. Most of all we want you to feel just as comfortable in our home, as you feel at your home.

We are looking for all guest to leave Soča Home Bovec as friends, with a lot of new wonderful memories and plenty of exciting stories to share.

Our apartment Soča Home Bovec is located just a few steps away from the centre of Bovec. It is far enough so you will have the peace and quiet that you need on your vacation and close enough that you have all the perks of the city centre on the palm of your hand.

Apartment is on the ground floor. The entry is always very nicely decorated and wants to invite you in.

Soča Home Bovec apartment entry.
Soča Home Bovec apartment.

After the entry there is a little hall, where you can find a wardrobe for some of your clothes, a place to leave your shoes and first aid kid in case you spill or drop something on the floor.

A hall
A hall at Soča Home Bovec.

From the hall you will come to a living room and bedroom at the same time. In here you will find a double bed, a sofa with a coffee table, a TV with more than 650 TV channels, a wardrobe, a small desk for your laptop and free WiFi.

A double bed at Soča Home Bovec.
A double bed.
Living room at Soča Home Bovec
Living room with sofa and TV.

In the living room you will also find a few little details that will make your stay a bit easier and maybe a bit more interesting.

  1. We prepared a small library for you. We put in some books about Slovenia and Bovec, so you can find out some new things about the area. And we also added some books for you to read before bed, just in case you forgot your own.
  2. We made a Tip Jar. Nope, it’s not what you think. A tip jar is not made for you to leave us money, it’s made so you can write what you liked the most of your stay and advice it to the guests that will come after you. And you can read about what the guests wrote before you and maybe follow some of their tips as well. 🙂
  3. You will find a little board on the wall next to TV. There you will find interesting brochures about activities in the area, some maps and a welcome greeting sign.
  4. On the table you will find a map of Bovec and near area. On this map you will find all the important sights to see and also marked places where you can use your promotional bracelet for discounts.
  5. A promotional bracelet can get you many discounts. We choose many places in Bovec, where you can get the best food to calm down your bellies, lovely souvenirs to take home, for activities so you can discover the hidden gems and many more.

From the lovely and colourful living room you will enter to a kitchen and dining area.

Soča Home Bovec apartment kitchen.
A lovely kitchen made by Jure at Soča Home Bovec apartment.

In the kitchen you will find everything you need to prepare yourself a good breakfast or dinner. You will have all the pots and pans, glasses, plates, cups and cutlery.

And since we travel a lot ourselves we know what gets on our nerves the most. We hate it when you have to buy all the supplies to cook something. So we prepared a little starting kid for you. You will get some oil and vinegar, salt and pepper, 4 different kinds of tea, coffee and cocoa, and also some sugar.

Starting kitchen kid of Soča Home Bovec.
This is your starting kid in the kitchen of Soča Home Bovec.

The only other place left is the bathroom. Our bathroom is big and spacious. It has a nice shower, a toilet, sink, small wardrobe with hairdryer and a little bathroom kit on it.

Each guest gets a shower gel and a soap.

Bathroom necessities
Bathroom necessities, soap and shower gel.

In front of the house you will get private parking and a garden area with BBQ.  Since we are creating this web page during the winter time, we don’t have any nice photos to show you. Yo whenever we will be ready, we will most definitely add them here.

Hope our description was interesting enough, so you will give us a chance and visit our home this summer. 🙂