Must do in Bovec

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We get asked this question so many times, so this blog was a long time coming thing. It is very hard to advice what a person should do while staying in Bovec and Soča Valley in general. Not because there is nothing to do, but because there is too much to do. Usually people stay at our apartment for about 3 days. So you can see our problem…it is hard to squeeze in 3 days all the beauty and activities that our magical valley has to offer. But all in all, we will tell you 10 absolute must do things in Bovec.


Mountains, mountains and some more mountains. They are surrounding you everywhere and each one of them is uniquely secretive. Each mountain carries it’s own story and is waiting on you to discover it. We would definitely recommend of visiting, Krn Lake, Rombon and our favorite Mt Svinjak. The views from there are really, really and we mean really breathtaking. This is what we mean:

A lot of people also say that Mt Svinjak is really similar to Matterhorn. What do you think? We see some similarities.


There aren’t so many as the mountains, but there are still plenty. We are in love with waterfall Virje. It is the cutest waterfall in the area and it is an absolute must do in Bovec. You can drive to it with a car and it will just take a few minutes to reach it, or you can hike to it from Bovec.

There are many more waterfalls that you can visit. You can combine all into one day and make it a waterfall day. You can visit waterfall Virje, Boka, Šunik, Fratarica and if you are lucky you can walk through Loška Koritnica valley and discover a valley of a 100 waterfalls. All we know is, that you absolutely can’t leave without visiting at least a few of the waterfalls. Make sure to let us know which one is your favorite?

Waterfall Virje.
Waterfall Virje, just a few minutes drive from Bovec.


Sometimes it is very hard to put things in the right order considering their importance, so we are afraid we didn’t make justice to the rivers being on the third place. To be honest the rivers in Soča Valley should be on the first place. Without the mountains and rivers there wouldn’t be Soča Valley. We are very and we mean very proud of our rivers. Every year we realize more and more, how lucky we are to have this clean rivers around us. We see how privileged we are. Can you have a glass of a river at your home? Well we can. You can drink all the rivers in Bovec and the valley. They are pure and clean, and most important, the water tastes amazing!

Soča river is THE reason why our valley is one of the most popular places in Slovenia. Everything happens around Soča river, so it would be an absolute sin not to see it, touch it, drink it, experience it and enjoy in it. You can try many adrenaline sports that are offered on Soča river, but if you are not an adrenaline junkie you have many other options. One of them is to go hiking on Soča trail, do some sunbathing on the banks of Soča river or just sit next to it, read a good book and use the river as a natural cooling system. What would you want to do first?

Soca Soča river
Soča river – the emerald river.


Bovec is full of history. Everywhere you turn you will find a hidden story. As any other European country, Slovenia in general has a reach historic past. We have produced a wonderful product named A walk of peace. This is a hiking track where you visit important 1st WW sights. You will spent your time in the nature and enjoy the nature at the same time. 

We would definitely take some time to visit the fort Kluže. It is a beautiful fort that in a sense represents an official door to Bovec valley. It is protecting Bovec from the foreigners, which was the reason why the first wooden fortress was build in 15th century. After Turkish invasions it was used by Napoleon Bonaparte. It also played an important role in 1st WW. It has a reach history and we can promise you, you won’t be sorry if you take some time. Don’t forget to visit a secret wale under the fortress and make a wish! 

Kluže fortress.
Kluže fortress Bovec.

We also like to recommend visiting an outdoor 1st WW  museum Raveljnik. It is a wonderful reconstruction of war tranches. You will see how the soldiers use to live during the battles and at the same time enjoy the nature around you. 

Outdoor museum Raveljnik.
First world war outdoor museum Raveljnik.


Bovec has an interesting descriptions that you can find in different guidebooks. If we sum them up we would say that Bovec is a capital of Soča Valley and most of all it is a capital of the adrenal sports in Slovenia and further. You can truly find all sorts of sports here. If you want to try out an adrenaline sport, you just name it and we got it! So this should definitely be one of the reasons why you are visiting Bovec.

You can choose from many different adrenaline sports such as rafting on Soča river, canyoning in different canyons in Bovec valley, kayaking on Soča and Koritnica river, hydrospeeding, sup, canoeing, river snorkeling, river walking or maybe be the boss of your trip and just take a private rafting trip and enjoy the Soča river as long as you want.

But we would definitely say that Bovec became famous because Soča river was so mesmerizing that the kayakers just couldn’t resist Soča’s rapids. The word spread and so Soča river, it’s rapids and emerald color is still very popular till today.

Kayak Soča Soca river Bovec
Kayak lovers at Soča river.

Even though kayaking is a quite popular activity among tourists, rafting is a definitely a go to activity. Rafting is one of the most popular activity and it is only logical. When you go rafting it isn’t only about the rafting itself. You also have the time to see the river and it’s surrounding. It will present you a totally different view of the valley. So this is THE activity you have to try while visiting Bovec.

Soča Soca river rafing
Exciting rafting on Soča river.


Air sports are the second category of adrenaline sports you should focus on while in Bovec.  What do we have in mind you ask? You can choose between a wide range of crazy sports, such as ziplineing, paragliding, skydiving, panorama flights and 2 not so much air sports, but still you will be in the air just a bit, climbing and mountain biking. 

My absolute favorite is zip-line. It is one of the things you should really try out while discovering Bovec and the valley. It is the one activity that will literally take your breath away. Zip-line in Bovec is situated on 1300 above sea level and the view of the valley is to die for. We have to be honest though, at the beginning you won’t have the time to deal with the view, but after the first slide, you will be ready to admire the beautiful area around you. Zip-line is a little over 3 km long and it has 5 lines. Enough to fill you up with adrenaline and amaze you with the nature.

Zipline Slovenia.
Fun zipline in Bovec on Kanin mountain.

For even more courageous we would recommend paragliding or skydiving. Both are great fun and the views are amazing all the time. The scenery of Soča valley and the mountains around you are breathtaking. 

Do you have the guts to jump?

This would be a quick review of the most important things that you should do while in Bovec. This is more a generalized view of MUST DO IN BOVEC. In the future I promise to add a more detailed list of all the amazing things to see and do in my beautiful valley!

Thanks for reading! 🙂